10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - June 4, 2020 edition

Here are some quality tunes to give a listen to over the weekend

There's a lot going on in the world right now and to say that we've all got a lot to think about is an understatement. Music can be cathartic and it's often another avenue through which to think. Music can be many things: an escape, thought-provoking, calming, disheartening... often times, so much emotion goes into making a song, it's only natural, and intended, for a listener to experience it on the other end.

Here are ten new songs we've added to our Spotify playlist. We hope you enjoy them and the artists behind them as much as we do.

August Rigo - Contact

It's nice to see that this R&B singer, a songwriter for many chart-topping artists, releasing more and more new music in 2020. "Contact" is a catchy tune that boasts sexy vibes through pandemic social distancing undertones (hence the single artwork).

Chloe Florence - Lullaby

We fell in love with this Montreal-based singer's emotive voice a little while back and have been hoping for another new tune ever since. Our wish has been granted with Chloe Florence's release of "Lullaby", a dark synth-pop ballad that sucks you right in.

Divine Brown featuring Gyptian - Beautiful Lady

We are loving this brand new single from Canadian soul singer Divine Brown. "Beautiful Lady" features guest vocals by Gyptian over a synth reggae beat. Listen closely and you'll hear a subtle nod to Brown's famous tune, "Old School Love".

Brown is also featured on a brand new tune, "Lovin' You" by Donny Anderson, which you should also check out. Naturally, we've added it to our playlist too.

Don Amero - Wouldn’t Be Home

It's hard not to love a voice as smooth as Don Amero's. The country singer's latest release "Wouldn't Be Home" is a mid-tempo love song that makes us want to grab a special someone for a slow dance.

Joël - In Place

This slow jam from Joël's recent EP Grunge Gospel - Side B is all about gratitude for the person in your life who keeps you grounded.

Kiia - Around The Globe

We're getting both Enrique and The Weeknd vibes from Kiia's latest song and it is keeping us coming back for more. With an infectious beat, it's easy to dance around the kitchen when this song comes on.

Neon Dreams - Sick of Feeling Useless

Perhaps a suitable song for many who are fed up and calling for change, this song by alternative pop duo Neon Dreams will have you singing along by the end of the first chorus.

Sick of feeling useless? Here's one place you can start.

Pantayo - Divine

The music by this all-female Filipino soul-funk band (of sorts) is based on kulintang, an ancient musical style rooted in Filipino culture. "Divine" offers up intoxicating voices along with the unique sounds of gongs and drums. It's unlike anything else we've heard.

S4G4 - Faith

This new song from R&B duo S4G4 may have a hopeful title, but the lyrics of the song are quite the opposite. Still, it's nice to know that losing faith in a person can be this good to listen to.

Tinywiings featuring Rhea Jones - Never Win

Calgary rapper Tinywiings takes us through the process of going back again and again (and again) to a person who you can't quite get over. The song, which is off of her recently released EP Read My Mind, also features breezy vocals by Rhea Jones. We're into it!