10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - Nov. 13, 2020 edition

Great new Canadian-made music to listen to

A good song is almost as essential to cooking dinner as a healthy dose of salt. Well, that's our home cooking philosophy anyway!

As always, there is no shortage of great new music coming out of our wonderful country and–even though it's hard to narrow down to just a few–we've picked some of our favourite songs as of late. From an electrifying synth-pop tune by Madison Olds to a goodbye anthem (of sorts) by Winnipeg's Cisha, here are ten new tracks that we're loving right now.

Ashleigh Ball - Keep On Pretending

This fun pop song by Vancouver's Ashleigh Ball has got a great beat and just enough sass to make us forget about the repetitive lyrics. "Keep On Pretending" gets under your skin and you'll be singing along before you know it.

Cisha - I.D.G.A.F.A.Y.

Don't make us spell it out for you. Cisha is having none of it when it comes whoever broke her heart. Let this song serve as an epic farewell anthem to anyone who's done wrong by you. Good riddance.

Emily Reid - California King

Rising star on the country scene Emily Reid recently dropped "California Bed" further proving that she's a singer to take note of in a crowded industry. The stripped song–though there is a bit of crescendo come the bridge–shows how commanding Reid can be even with a subdued vocal performance.

Falcon Jane - Make It Fade

You know that moment when you wake up briefly from a peculiar dream and try to recount what exactly happened before dozing off again? That is what a Falcon Jane song sounds like (to us anyway). Melancholy synth-y folk, "Make It Fade" is haunting in the best of ways.

Jacqui Verellen - Colours

There's something so pure about Jacqui Verellen's tone that makes "Colours" sound like it would feel perfectly at home mid-Broadway production when a main character has a moment of self-realization.

Alright, Ms. Verellen, you've got our attention. What's next?

Kandle - Lock and Load

We are always suckers for a piano-heavy track and "Lock and Load" offers that in spades. One part Bond theme song, one part jazz, Kandle–who, interestingly enough, is the daughter of 54–40's Neil Osborne–captivates on this new song that oozes old school.

LU KALA - Still Mad

There's no one out there that sounds quite like LU KALA and we cannot get enough of her recently released EP Worthy. She growls, she shouts, she captivates with her unique tone on all of her songs, but this week we're hitting repeat on "Still Mad".

Madison Olds - Bad Thing

Is it just us or did Madison Old's newest song start off with a tongue pop? If so, we think Alyssa Edwards would be proud. Drag culture references aside, there is much fun to be had while listening to the sexually charged single "Bad Thing". As far as synth pop goes in Canada, Olds has become one of our favourite artists this year.

The Rooks - Hometown Hero

There is truly much to love on the Rooks' debut album The High Road. The title track itself sets the pace for a great eight-track lineup and its second last song, "Hometown Hero", is lyrical storytelling at its best. Not enough of that to be found these days...

Tomato / Tomato - It’ll Come Around

Has a band's name ever felt more at home on our Cooking Playlist? We don't think so.

Tomato / Tomato's single "It'll Come Around" reminds us that everything is going to work out, despite these trying and unusual times. We love the positive message weaved into the upbeat production.

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