10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your playlist - April 12, 2021 edition

Take a listen to these great Canadian songs

With plenty of restrictions still in place for restaurants and bars, you're probably spending more time at home these days. Whether you're cooking or ordering some takeout from a local restaurant, we're here to supply you with a fresh new crop of Canadian tunes to listen to while you dine.

From a heartfelt roots song by Calgary's Kyle McKearney to a great track off of Shantel May's recently released EP, here are 10 songs by Canadian artists that we are loving lately.

Charlotte Cardin - Sad Girl

We are loving this moody love song by Montreal's Charlotte Cardin. "Sad Girl" is a mid-tempo, melancholy song about wanting someone back, something we can all relate to.

E.GG - Keep Me On

This chill hip-hop track by Winnipeg's E.GG has us feeling like we're strolling through a daydream as we listen.

Jeffery Straker - Play That Song Again

The ideas of "what was" and "what if?" dance around in Regina-based folk singer Jeffery Straker's latest single. "Play That Song Again" is all about looking back on one's life, not necessarily in a sad way, but a reflective one.

Justine Tyrell - Warning Signs

Justine Tyrell's latest single is pure R&B magic. From a great beat to her beautifully velvet voice gliding up and down octaves, "Warning Signs" is a song that we'd be happy to listen to on repeat.

Kyle McKearney - Annie

It's hard to quantify that "thing" that pulls a listener in within the first few seconds of a song, but "Annie" by Kyle McKearney certainly has it. The pleasant love song offers some heartfelt, yet commanding vocals, and a theme about a person you want to settle down with, but know its not possible.

LØLØ - death wish

LØLØ's brand new single "death wish" slaps in a early 2000s punk-pop sort of way and we are here for it. We hope the emo fashion style does not come back into vogue, but its correlating music genre happens to make a come back with this Toronto singer leading the pack, we're down!

Madisyn Gifford - Shapes and Shadows

The tender ballad that is "Shapes and Shadows" shows off the softer side of pop singer Madisyn Gifford. With a stripped down production, her voice stands on its own and conveys plenty of emotion when it comes to the vulnerability a person commits to when they're in a relationship.

Renegade Station - Free Free Free

Country rockers Renegade Station has us wishing for warm weather and open roads–with windows rolled down, of course–with their new single "Free Free Free". We mean, isn't that all we want to be right now? To be free from this damn pandemic?

Shantel May - Waiting

Released on April 2, Shantel May's EP Don't Let Them See You Cry boasts seven great R&B tracks, but we're especially loving the soulful slow jam "Waiting". The tune is about having to move on from someone who's not ready for commitment and May's powerful vocals convey that she is doing so with no hesitation.

Suzie Ungerleider - Baby Blues

The artist formerly known as Oh Susanna is back with a new single and a new name. Moving forward in her musical career with her birth name, Suzie Ungerleider captivates on her new single "Baby Blues", a song that touches on the trauma people can experience in younger years and how it shapes them as adults.

Her new album My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider will be released on August 13.

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