One Day in Alliston, ON: pop singer Sophia Fracassi

The singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Alliston, ON

Photo by Wendy Wei
Photo by Wendy Wei

At just 19 years old, Ontario's Sophia Fracassi feels wise beyond her years when it comes to songwriting and composition.

The Coalition Music-signed talent has been landing on musical radars of folks across the country, thanks to her catchy tracks, led by an emotive vocal that captivates a listener within seconds. Her latest single "Dance With Myself" could be best described as a "moody bop" that you'll want to play again and again, with the volume up way high.

In addition releasing more new tunes this year, Fracassi is currently opening for Diamond-selling Canadian music legend Amanda Marshall on the 25 & Counting: The Heavy Lifting Tour. The cross-country tour kicked off on June 11 and has garnered a huge amount of praise for both the opening act and, of course, the iconic main attraction.

Outside of being smitten with creating music and performing for fans nationwide, Sophia Fracassi has fallen in love with her local food scene while growing up in town of Alliston, ON. From top-notch lattes to tasty falafels, here's where the up-and-coming singer loves to eat in her hometown.


Although the options for local brunch spots are rather slim, for delicious baked goods, and my personal favourite, the fresh bagels, I would hit up Bake My Day on the Main Street.

They always have something fresh and delicious to grab on the go or you can bring a box home to family and friends. Just watch out, they go fast!



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Depending on the mood I’m in, I love the fresh Mediterranean food from Eden Grill. I am a fiend for a good shawarma or falafels, and their sauces are too good.

If I’m looking to crush a good burger and fries, Champ Burger is my go-to, especially in the summer when they open up their patio. It's golden!


There are too many fabulous options to choose from in Alliston, but one of my favourites is Taquira El Norte. All of the ingredients are so fresh, and everything is made in-house.

I am in love with their homemade chips and dip trio, I could literally live off of it. Not to mention the actual tacos...are you kidding me? The vibes are so good, it’s such a fun spot to bring friends!


Although I personally don’t drink, I do love a latte or iced coffee from Northern Blush Florals and Cafe. Not only do they have the most insanely gorgeous floral arrangements, their coffee and specialty drinks selection is top notch.

They have seasonal menus, so I look forward to seeing what they have dreamt up next!

Watch: Sophia Fracassi - Dance With Myself (Official Music Video)