Behind the Name: Calgary's Burwood Distillery

How an award-winning Calgary distillery got its name

With several years of successful distilling under their belt and a lucrative recent deal with business mogul Arlene Dickinson via Dragon's Den, Calgary's Burwood Distillery seems to really be hitting its stride.

Opened in 2016, co-owner Jordan Ramey explains that the name behind this distillery is meant to represent their three backgrounds.

“[Ivan and Marko] are originally from Croatia and I am from Oklahoma. The name is an anglicized portmanteau; in which two words are put together into one," he explains. "'Bure' in Croatian means barrel. In Oklahoma, we call white oak trees bur oak...Burwood [signifies] where we came from and where we are now in Alberta.”

Before deciding on their current name, they also considered Heartwood & The Cilics as well as Snail Eye Distillery.

"I’m thankful [they] didn’t stick,” says Ramey.

Burwood Distillery is open for dine-in service and tastings from 12-5:30 p.m. Free local delivery is also available with an order of $40 or higher.