Behind the Name: Calgary's Monogram Coffee

How one of Canada's top coffee roasters got its name

Photo via Monogram Coffee's Facebook page.

Since opening its first location in Calgary’s Altadore neighbourhood back in 2015, Monogram Coffee has certainly come a long way as one of the top coffee roasters in the country. Co-owners Jeremy Ho, Benjamin Put and Justin Eyford are not your everyday baristas and roasters. Not only are they veterans of Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters, but both Ho and Eyford are two-time Canadian Barista Champions and the two also represented Canada in the World Barista Championships in 2012 and 2013.

Ho explains that their company's name represents the co-owners' diverse backgrounds coming together and how they themselves have come together to make a mark on the world of coffee.

“A Monogram is a collection of individual letters or symbols that come together to create a unique and personalized stamp or motif,” says Jeremy Ho. “This is how we [built] Monogram—a collection of unique individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas from around the world.”

While the name Monogram feels perfectly fitting–especially after hearing this explanation–another option the trio considered was Helm.

“We liked it, but ultimately it didn’t make the cut,” says Ho. “There were a few other ones that we laugh about now that were probably suggested in the early a.m. of a long night of work that thankfully weren’t taken seriously!”

Monogram Coffee’s three locations are open for takeout (with the exception of Fifth Avenue Place, which is open for in-person dining. Their online shop offers plenty of interesting coffee roasts and other coffee-related items. Free shipping is also available across Canada on orders above $40.