Behind the Name: Saskatoon's Hearth Restaurant

The backstory of one of Saskatchewan's favourite eateries

As Saskatoon's Hearth approaches its third anniversary this summer, it's easy to recognize the notable impact its had on the province's restaurant scene in only a few short years. Since its inception–officially opened on June 2, 2018–co-owners Chefs Beth Rogers and Thayne Robstead have been creating unpretentious, yet thoughtful Prairie cuisine to the city.

Their passion for cultivating wild bounty helps Hearth to stand out from the pack as the co-chefs dishes often contain ingredients that were caught or grown in the wild. More specifically, the co-chefs have a knack for foraging mushrooms throughout the year leading to their signature dish being a a beautiful medley of wild mushrooms served piping hot with bubbling mornay sauce in a cast iron pan.


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The story behind the name of their restaurant is short and sweet. With no clue on what to call the restaurant prior to opening, the word "hearth" popped into their heads and that was that.

Rogers' says Hearth embodies their eatery perfectly because it has a cozy and warm feeling to it, but also in a literal sense, a hearth means a fireplace that is lined with bricks or stone. In days gone by, it was often used to warm a home and to cook meals in. It has an elemental sense to it as humans have cooked food overtop of hearths for centuries.