There's a lot to love about Canada's food scene

Canada Day food facts
Brunch at Clementine in Winnipeg, maple syrup production in Quebec, Nick Nutting's cooking in Tofino, ketchup chips...the list can go on and on about why our country is awesomely delicious.

If you're anything like us here at Eat North, you'll feel warm and fuzzy inside on July 1st. It feels really good to be Canadian. We may not be the most powerful nation or the the most innovative (why aren't hoverboards commonplace yet?) but we are a ridiculously good-looking one, geographically, and the dynamic regional food that varies from province to province never cease to amaze us. And, let's not forget all of the quirky, uniquely Canadian treats like ketchup chips, Coffee Crisp chocolate bars and Caesars.

We tell stories that capture the essence of Canadian cuisine and while there are countless stories to tell, here's a cross-section of some great pieces that demonstrate just how vibrant Canada's food industry is.

Happy Canada Day!

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Jenna Mooers Edna Halifax

Talking tableside: Jenna Mooers of Edna Restaurant in Halifax

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Eating in the Magdalen Islands of Quebec at Café de la Grave

If you’ve never heard of the Magdalen Islands, or Îles de la Madeleine, you’re not alone. This tiny archipelago, located northeast of Prince Edward Island, is actually a little-known part of Quebec sitting in the middle of the Gulf o

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Behind the line: Vancouver chef Ned Bell

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Image for Penticton's Craft Corner Kitchen delivers on its community-driven mission

Penticton's Craft Corner Kitchen delivers on its community-driven mission

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Image for Catching up: A reunion of top Canadian culinary talent

Catching up: A reunion of top Canadian culinary talent

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