10 cool spins on the classic Caesar cocktail

A few options to enjoy on New Year's Day...or any weekend day, really

This Wintertime Caesar is the perfect thing to sip on a weekend morning.

You can never have too many Caesar cocktail recipes in your repetoire. Ever.

With that in mind, here are 10 cool spins on Canada's signature cocktail to try out at brunch, lunch, dinner, etc...

Image for The Prairie Caesar

The Prairie Caesar with beef jerky, Chinook honey and Northern Harvest Rye

This recipe from Walter Caesar Mix uses some great Canadian Prairie ingredients in a delicious way

Fireworks Caesar

For those who like their Caesar extra spicy

The Strange Brew Caesar

A cocktail recipe with craft Caesar mix, vodka, lager, and garnished with maple and candied salmon or caribou jerky.

Pineapple Basil Caesar

The key to this drink is pepper, which makes the pineapple more savoury.

Image for The Wintertime Caesar

The Wintertime Caesar

A Caesar to sip on Christmas Day

Image for  Ploughman's Caesar

Ploughman's Caesar

A gin Caesar with a side of charcuterie

Image for West Coast Caesar

The West Coast Caesar

A Caesar made with Walter Craft Caesar Mix and B.C. spirits

Image for Juke Caesar

Juke Caesar

A Caesar with fragrant basil, lime and cilantro

Image for Maritime Caesar

The Maritime Caesar

A Caesar recipe inspired by Atlantic Canada

Image for Ardbeg Caesar cocktail

Ardbeg Caesar cocktail

A whisky Caesar made with Ardbeg