10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - May 22, 2020 edition

Here are some new Canadian-made songs we've added to our kitchen playlist

If there is warmth and sunshine in your weekend forecast, you best get ready to fire up that barbecue and make something delicious these next few days. No matter what you're making, you're going to need a side of tunes with that.

We've refreshed our Spotify playlist with ten great new songs by Canadian artists that pair perfectly with whatever you're doing on the grill or in the kitchen, be it baking, searing, stirring, eating or otherwise.

From a lovely new release from Ottawa's Kathleen Edwards to catch tunes from a couple Nashville-dwelling Canadian singers and plenty in between, check out what songs we're loving below.

Amy Hef - Find My Way Home

This Calgary-based pop-rocker's newest song "Find My Way Home" was created in support of the Calgary Drop-In Centre to encourage donations to the community initiative. Hef says she and her fellow co-writers are continually inspired by the good work the centre does and that kindness really can help change lives.

Emma-Lee - Tricks

"Go play your tricks on somebody else," sings Emma-Lee over an infectious beat in her brand new single "Tricks". There is plenty of emotion in this catchy track and we can't get enough of it.

Eric Ethridge - Forever With You

We're suckers for a great love song and Eric Ethridge's "Forever With You" is just that. Following newly weds Ethridge and Kalsey Kulyk on social media will make you appreciate the sincerity of this song even more. Now, please excuse us while we go out and search for love.

JJ Wilde - Cold Shoulder

We are really digging this funky, upbeat rock song from Kitchener's JJ Wilde. Her slightly raspy vocals and sizzling electric guitar chords are a match made in heaven.

“With everything going on and the industry at what seems like a stand still, I feel very lucky to still be able to create, write, and put out music," said Wilde in an announcement about her upcoming album earlier today. "'Cold Shoulder' is one of my favourite songs to perform live. It is an angsty cry for recklessness, and to feel alive.”

Kathleen Edwards - Options Open

Last fall, during a visit to Ottawa, we popped by Kathleen Edwards' cafe Quitters Coffee for a drink and date square, while we pondered whether or not the talented singer-songwriter would be releasing any new original music. Fast forward to May, 2020 and we are very happy campers. "Options Open" is charming folk-rock at its best.

Kiana - Lesson

With its slick beats and snaps, this slow jam by Persian-Canadian R&B singer Kiana is intoxicating. "Lesson" clocks in at just over two minutes, so it's worth a couple of replays to really soak it all up.

Like a Motorcycle - Wide Awake

Halifax's Like A Motorcycle is serving up high energy rock with their latest release "Wide Awake" and we're into it. If we were professional cooks in a restaurant, this track would pair perfectly while in the weeds and give you the motivation needed to push through. Also, bonus points for the food-related single artwork.

Pleasure Craft - Nothing Ever Happens

This chill track sounds somewhat like the love child of Radiohead and Rufus Wainwright and we mean that in a good way. You'll be singing along to the melancholy "do, do, do, do" closing out the song without even realizing it.

Rich Aucoin - How It Breaks

This mash-up of a single from Halifax artist Rich Aucoin is supremely rewarding to listen to. Part Rhianna, part Beattles, part Aretha and maybe even something else , "How It Breaks" inherently sounds familiar upon one's first listen. The singer has said that this anthem, along with its music video, is a commentary on the current political divide in North America, but more specifically the United States.

Rhye - Beautiful

This electro-pop love song by Rhye offers up an awesome beat and range of haunting vocals that sound a little mysterious and romantic, all at the same time.

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