Everything you need to know for your Thanksgiving dinner

Everything you need to know from how to make the best bird to working with the leftovers

We have all the the recipes and how-tos you need for Thanksgiving, from recipes for an awesome bird to all the things you can make with leftovers.

Bal Arneson's fabulous spiced turkey

Seriously. It's time to take a different approach to the Thanksgiving turkey.

Spatchcocked chicken from Sai Woo. Photo by Kira Clavell.

Sai Woo's spatchcocked roast chicken

Chef Mah on how to make the best chicken

10 ways to make gravy more interesting

10 ways to spike your gravy

This year, make the best gravy you've ever made by adding these ingredients

Pink Peppercorn and Cardamom Cranberry Sauce

Pink peppercorn and cardamom cranberry sauce

Skip the gelatinous canned variety and use this recipe for a real cranberry sauce 

10 ways to use cranberry sauce

Don't throw away extra cranberry sauce.

Ricardo's orange and honey turkey breasts

A slow cooker recipe, just in time for fall.

pumpkin pie pancakes recipe

Pumpkin pie pancakes with maple cranberry sauce

Pumpkin pie for breakfast, anyone?

pumpkin cranberry cheesecake for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin cranberry cheesecake in a jar

This cheesecake in a jar recipe can save the day if you've botched your dessert for Thanksgiving dinner!

Pork loin with Steam Whistle cranberry apple stuffing

Great for the holidays, special occasion dinners or big family gatherings.

Dan Clapson recipes

How to turn turkey dinner leftovers into brunch

Learn how to make a simple pancake batter, then play a little "Choose your own adventure" by deciding whether to make a sweet or savoury brunch with turkey dinner leftovers.

Coconut curry turkey pot pie

A recipe for an updated version of chicken pot pie

Greek-inspired mashed potatoes

There are a million things you can add to mashed potatoes, but you probably haven't tried preserved lemons and yogurt as an addition. Try this recipe instead of using peas and chicken stock this weekend.

Photo by Bordecia34 on Flickr.

Roasted garlic and smoked Gruyere mashed potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes gets even better with smoky cheese and sweet garlic

Bal Arneson's Brussels sprouts with coriander seeds

The Spice Goddess' recipe for an updated version of the popular Thanksgiving side dish

Thanksgiving leftovers

Make all new dishes with Thanksgiving leftovers

You won't be able to recognize the turkey dinner leftovers in these dishes

Cider buttered rum

The autumn chill is definitely in the air now, and we reach for hot beverages over ice cold drinks.

Sweet and Spicy Biryani Rice Salad

Upgrade your typical vegetarian biryani recipe with B.C. blueberries

Chef Chris Shaften's roasted squash and potato salad

An easy way to use an autumn gastrique

Ki Modern Japanese and Bar's Hirosaki’s Finest

Celebrate apple season with this boozy play on the caramel apple.