Image for The ultimate turkey dinner leftovers soup recipe

A clever soup recipe from the Canadian cookbook 'Prairie'

Oct 9, 2023

Image for 'In Mary's Kitchen' sneak peek: Apple cinnamon biscuit buns

Mary Berg shares her delicious spin on cinnamon buns

Oct 7, 2023

Here's the info on Michelin Guide's 2023 update for Vancouver

Oct 6, 2023

A fun podcast interview with 'The Traitors Canada' host Karine Vanasse

A fun podcast interview with the multifaceted comedian and TV show host Ann Pornel

Photo by Meghan Tansey Whitton.

The multidisciplinary artist shares her favourite food and drink spots in Halifax

Oct 4, 2023

Image for How Ricardo makes giant pancakes using a pressure cooker

A quirky way to make pancakes

Oct 2, 2023

Image for Try this fun cookies and cream cake recipe from the 'Plantcakes' cookbook

There's much to love about this fun and easy-to-follow cake recipe

Oct 1, 2023

A first-of-its-kind coffee company launches in Saskatchewan

Sep 29, 2023

An exciting chef collab dinner event celebrating the Prairies

Sep 29, 2023

Image for Ricardo's garlic mashed potatoes recipe from the 'Multicooker Everything' cookbook

An easy way to make mashed potatoes in a multi-cooker

Sep 27, 2023

Image for Try this interesting fall recipe: Lavender-honey-glazed turkey

A unique glaze to try out on turkey this season

Sep 26, 2023

Must-try bakeries when you're visiting Vancouver, BC

Sep 26, 2023

An East Coast rocker on where to eat in rural Nova Scotia

Sep 25, 2023

A new annual chef collab dinner series is coming to Saskatoon

Sep 22, 2023

Where to eat in Winnipeg according to a celebrated Canadian musician

Sep 21, 2023

Image for Jillian Harris' recipe for Piña Colada sheet-pan pancakes

A fun take on pancakes that's perfect for weekend brunch gatherings

Sep 20, 2023

Image for Try this recipe for pumpkin pie cake from the new 'Plantcakes' cookbook

Embrace all things pumpkin spice with this dessert recipe

Sep 19, 2023

Sit down and enjoy "The Menu" in Canmore...if you dare

Sep 18, 2023

Here are the 30 best new restaurants in Canada for 2023

Sep 14, 2023

Image for The Wickaninnish Inn's roasted asparagus salad

Chef Filatow's recipe for a roast asparagus salad with miso dressing and Farm House Alpine Gold cheese

May 27, 2018

Image for ICYMI: The chew on Batali, battle of the beetles and learning to love dandelions and more

Here are six things you might have missed in food news this week. 

May 25, 2018

Image for Strawberry and watermelon shortcake

Watermelon and strawberries make for the perfect summer dessert pairing

May 25, 2018

Image for Watermelon and tomato panzanella

This watermelon spin on a panzanella is perfect for summer

May 25, 2018

Image for Daily Bite: Rasa opens in Halifax and offers a taste of India

The restaurant brings a new standard of Indian cuisine to the city

May 25, 2018

Image for How Adorable Chocolat fostered a chocolate community in the East Coast

Ginette Ahier talks about her journey in bringing quality chocolate to the community 

May 24, 2018

Image for Meet master Japanese blacksmiths at Knifewear

The speciality store offers the opportunity for customers to see how Japanese knives are forged

May 24, 2018

Image for More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 8

This week, we talk about the female chefs doc The Heat, recap Top Chef Canada's second last episode of Season 6 and more.

May 21, 2018

Image for Earls Hunan Kung Pao

Last week, we mentioned that Earls, a long-standing Canadian restaurant chain, came out with a cookbook about the food trends that have shaped how...

Nov 13, 2016

Sea asparagus uses

How to work with samphire, or sea beans, or pickleweed -- whatever you want to call it.

Aug 11, 2014

Restaurant kitchen phrases

Decoding chefspeak

Mar 12, 2014

spot prawns

Recipe for a flavourful seafood stock

Oct 13, 2013

pumpkin spice pancakes

Make these pancakes for breakfast when pumpkins are in season in the fall

Oct 12, 2013

Anna Olson

Food Network Canada personality Anna Olson shares some of her favourite eats in and around her home in Niagara  

Oct 11, 2013

Pink Peppercorn and Cardamom Cranberry Sauce

Skip the gelatinous canned variety and use this recipe for a real cranberry sauce 

Oct 10, 2013


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